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“Failure to give serious consideration to your cycling shoes and their essential fit criteria, means compromising your Cycling Performance, Comfort and Enjoyment”

Matt - Podiatrist at The Footlab - “We have a very strict protocol for shoe fitting”.


  1. Measure and Assess Pressure Areas

  2. Assess any Soft Tissue or Bone Abnormalities

  3. Does the client require extra support/Control/Insoles?

  4. Is any Mal-Alignment present in the Feet?

  1. What Discipline & Duration of Cycling is the Shoe to be Used for?

  2. Budget?

The Shoes:

  1. Last Shape

  2. Sole Stiffness Index

  3. Climate/Weather and Usage Considerations

  4. Finalise Size

  5. Custom Moldable or Custom Adjustments

  6. Volume Availability for Custom Insoles?

  7. What Pedals are you Riding with? Now & Future?


  1. Final Sizing

  2. Custom Moulding

  3. Insole Fitting

  4. Balance Foot

  5. Install Cleats

  6. Adjust Cleats

  7. Fine Tune