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Bike Fitting



Custom Geometry Bike Design Jig

Power Testing and Pedaling Analysis

Bike Sizing for New Purchases

Professional Bike Fitting

Cleat & Shoe Adjustment

Crank Shortening


Medical Professionals

Ex-International Cyclist

10 Year Experience

Full Professional Fitting 
3 hours +
Full Biomechanical Assessment by Medical Professionals
Shoe, Cleat and Lower Limb Corrective Alignment
Targeted Saddle Recommendations
Performance Cockpit Optimisation and Adjustment
Power Assessment Included
Pedal Stroke Symmetry and Technique Assessment
Laboratory Equipment Standards
TT, Tri and Road Specialists
Physio/Stretching Recommendations
Video Capture
Free Review Appointment
Adjustable Crank Length Trials
Linked Professional Physiotherapy Service
Injury Rehabilitation Specialists
Leg Length Difference  Solutions
10 Years Experience

SEROTTA (SICI) International Approved FittersBikeFit_Process.html
Brands we love to work with:


Bike Sizing Service
1 1/2 Hours
Aimed at the ‘Bespoke’ and ‘New Bike Purchase’

Performed on dynamically adjustable Bike Frame

Full Rideable Jig to establish Best ‘fit’ geometry
‘Off the Shelf’ Recommendations
‘Bespoke’ Geometry Service
Establish Best Crank Length & Components

Brand / Model and Size Recommendations 

Cleat Fitting & Foot Analysis Service

1 Hour +

Medical Foot Assessment by Podiatrist

Shoe Recommendations

Full Cleat Fitting and Alignment

    Express Quick Fit

1 - 1 1/4 Hours

Our Focused Improvement Service:

Ride Height Correction

Cockpit Optimisation

Brief Body & Foot  Analysis

Product Recommendations to Improve Ride Comfort/Performance

Designed for Beginner to Intermediate Riders